Food, Filmi, and Fun*

I’ve been working my way through Indian cookbooks. It started when my friend Kathrine gave me Bollywood Kitchen, a cookbook that pairs films with meals and is a great introduction for anyone hoping to dive into Bollywood and/or Indian cuisine. She was teaching a class on art and culture around the world to students from Japan and had asked me to talk to them about cinema in India. She thanked me with this book, and I have yet to thank her for both the book and the opportunity to talk about something that I enjoy so much with a meal, but I hope to be able to do so sometime soon. I went from Bollywood Kitchen to The Indian Cooking Course; I dove right in and have fallen in love all over again with Indian food. I make everything, from yogurt to bread, from scratch (I have yet to experiment with making my own ghee, but I promise to do that before you or anyone else eats with me). I’ve become interested in Ayurveda, the philosophy at the root of the cuisine, and I am beginning to feel comfortable making changes to my dishes to incorporate local and seasonal harvests.


What this really comes down to is that I am cooking a whole lot these days, often making meals that are rather large for my somewhat small family, and I would like to share the food that I make with anyone who would like to join me. Maybe you are interested in 1) eating the food, 2) learning about the food, 3) Ayurveda, 4) Indian movies, 5) hanging out with me and my family, 6) connecting with people, 7) something else?

So here is my idea.


Will host dinner nights for friends, family, complete strangers…

Will purchase, cook, and serve complete meals that are high quality, local and organic (whenever possible), from scratch.

Can pair the food with a film, if that is what you want to do.

Can pair the food with conversation, if that is what you want to do.

Can cook with or without your help.

Can hang.


Can come alone or with friends.

Can decide if you would like to be paired with other people, who you may or may not know (scary mystery guests).

Can offer to contribute to the cost of the meal with a donation, though this is not required.

Can hang out with me and my family.

Can watch a movie with us.

Can play games with us.

Can bring your kid(s) to hang with mine.

Can tell me if there is something else you would like to do/talk about/etc.

Can tell me if you have dietary restrictions or preferences.

I might decide to incorporate Japanese film and food occasionally if this becomes popular enough, but I am sticking with Indian for now because I could use the practice and am in knee deep. If you are interested, please fill out the survey, and I will be in touch with an invitation and more information soon.

Feel free to share this with friends.

What are you waiting for? Invite yourself over for Food, Filmi, and Fun*!

*no guarantees on the fun

PS. I live in the Boston area. If you can’t get here, you will have to wait until I can visit you.